Saturday, January 3, 2009

When the passion goes, what happens to college recruiting

Just saw a really interesting story here:

Here's a girl who was a stud basketball player with a full ride to U. Conn--but she lost her passion for basketball long ago and covered it up for 5 years so she wouldn't disappoint anyone or look weak. It finally caught up with her and she had the courage to come clean about it and move on to play volleyball at a smaller school because it made her happy.

You can imagine the disappointment of her coach, her teammates, her parents, and even herself as she came to this decision. But ultimately, they supported her and her parents, in particular, helped her move forward.

For everyone who wants to get recruited for college sports, it takes as much passion as skill and talent to play in college. Otherwise, it's just another job and one that will take far too much time to be worthwhile. And if you've got the passion, it can make up for shortcomings in other areas.

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