Sunday, January 4, 2009

Golden Opportunities for Girls in College Recruiting

There are tremendous opportunities for athletic scholarships for girls and I'm not sure how many people know about them.

The vast majority of men's athletic scholarships are awarded for football--between 63 (D-I AA) and 85 (D-I A) per NCAA school. The next highest number is only 18/school for D I men's ice hockey. Because there is no women's football, and because of the impact of Title IX, there are loads of athletic scholarships available to women to make up for this inequity.

There are 24 sports in which the NCAA allots scholarships for women compared to 17 for men. In the sports where scholarships are awarded for both genders, the number awarded to women is equal to or greater than the number awarded to men in all but one sport.

Here is a list of sports where scholarships are available to women and not to men: archery, badminton, bowling, equestrian, field hockey, rowing, rugby, softball, squash, synchronized swim, and team handball. The sports where scholarships are awarded to both genders: basketball, cross country/track and field, fencing, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, swimming/diving, tennis, volleyball, and water polo.

Obviously, not every school is going to offer all of these sports and some of these may not have been sports you've considered previously. But if you're in early high school and you're looking for something new to pick up, try one. It may pay off handsomely later.

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