Friday, January 2, 2009

High school juniors, start thinking college recruiting

If you're a high school junior with hopes of playing in college, I hope you've begun doing your research and assembling a list of which colleges are right for you. If you haven't, please pick up Put Me In, Coach ( and work through the section on finding the right fit. It's now January and time to start putting together the information you want to get into the hands of college coaches for recruiting. You should get all of this out by spring time at the latest. Please don't wait until senior year. And you can also start contacting (e-mail) just to let them know you're out there, interested in their program, and planning to send them your information.

One more thing. You can "legally" contact coaches before they can contact you--so do it. A motivated kid who shows interest in a school is a good lead for a coach to start with. If you're not right for that program, don't expect much. But if you are, it will get you on the radar screen.

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